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Vodafone and Career Accelerator: Carving pathways for future talent

Aug 8, 2021 | Featured By Vodafone

Hear from students who participated in our mentoring programme with Career Accelerator!

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We partnered with Career Accelerator to provide opportunities for diverse and underrepresented students. By matching them with a Vodafone mentor, they gained valuable insight and guidance at a crucial time in their early careers, as well as an opportunity to explore working life in a tech company.

Watch here to hear about our partnership with Vodafone.

Career Accelerator partners with Vodafone


The programme ran in 2021 and has been a great success, matching 84 students to mentors with 100% of them saying that their experience has led to them having more positive views about working in the tech sector. It’s also a great opportunity for our Vodafone employees to gain professional development for themselves whilst also helping to shape the talent of the future!

We look forward to strengthening the partnership in the future and helping more youth talent  to carve out a career in technology.

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About Career Accelerator

We’re a youth organisation supporting young people from diverse backgrounds to prepare for professional careers through employer support, whilst supporting business partners with employee volunteering, diversity initiatives and inter-company collaboration. Career Accelerator currently works with 30 state schools across England, 25 businesses and the UK’s 3 leading LGBT+ career conferences.

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