Preparing diverse pupils for careers in the digital sector and supporting businesses to provide training opportunities for staff


Connecting with the future

Giving tomorrow’s digital talent access and experience today.

Career Accelerator provides 14-18 year old students with the opportunity to prepare for careers in the digital sector through real world career support, while enabling digital businesses to work with talented young people from diverse backgrounds.

The digital sector is creating jobs 2x as fast as the non-digital sector

60% of technical roles are filled by white people, but only 19% are filled by women and 1-2% black people

The overall proportion of girls doing STEM subjects drops off at A Level, with lower numbers of females compared to males being entered for all STEM subjects, except Biology

BAME students represent 19% of students studying STEM subject at University however out of these groups, Black Other (non-African and Caribbean) and Bangladeshi students only made up 2% and 3% respectively

45% of young people are bullied for being LGBT+ at school with the figure rising to 64% for transgender young people

Half of bullied LGBT pupils (52 per cent) feel that homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying has had a negative effect on their plans for future education


Career Accelerator helps provide meaningful training and volunteering opportunities to digital companies through school outreach opportunities, helping empower future business leaders, whilst nurturing tomorrow’s diverse talent.

Career Accelerator is supported by Teach First, LinkedIn for Good, Cambridge Social Ventures, The Young Academy and Year Here.

To date, Career Accelerator has collaborated with over 20 digital businesses and 30 schools. Career Accelerator is supported by Business Advisers who are experts in the education, digital and social enterprise fields.

Career Accelerator at Vodafone