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Our amazing young people tell us about their experience and achievements with Career Accelerator.

Case Studies

We are privileged to work with and support 100s of young people every year through our programmes. Our case studies showcase some of the young people who have taken part in our programmes and share their experiences and how it’s helped them pursue their career aspirations.




Zach profile


Zach was mentored by Luke at Sky in 2021. He is studying Philosophy at Warwick University and wants to work in PR once he leaves University.

“It was great getting to know someone at a big company and the mentoring gave me the time and space to work out what’s next in my career development.

My mentor Luke was a really good match, we were similar in our career ambitions, interests and motivations. Plus they are a D&I advocate. I don’t yet know many people in the business world, so it was also great to build my professional network through Luke

Luke helped to open my eyes to a profession I hadn’t thought of. Before our sessions started I didn’t really know what’s out there. Now I’m really focused on securing a job in the PR industry after Uni, and I have a better idea of how to recognise a LGBT+ company, which is really important to me.”

Amy profile


Amy was mentored  by Lisa at Just Eat Takeaway in 2020 and is now applying to study cyber security at Oxford.

“Career Accelerator showed me what the inside of a big company really looks like. Lisa helped me to see the relevance of STEM, and the real world application appealed to me. It was exciting because I could suddenly see myself doing a job like cyber security.

Lisa shared similar interests so we always had lots to talk about! I built my confidence which helped me to focus on my studies and career research.

Through Career Accelerator I’ve gotten access to career opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise have had. I wouldn’t have thought to choose the same A-Levels, which is crazy to think about! I went from feeling like Maths was hard to choosing to do Advanced Maths at A-Level. I’m so glad I got that opportunity.”

Murat profile


Murat was mentored by Rosie, a tech professional in 2017. He is currently a Cyber Security Consultant at Deloitte.

“I found out where my passions within tech lie with the help of Career Accelerator, they were able to help me on my journey by introducing me to a variety of fields along with the opportunites for students. Being on Career Accelerator was a rewarding experience and was stimulating enough to learn more about yourself.

It allowed me to set my professional goals and plans so I can clearly define my next steps. This definitely helped me feel at ease especially when the workload piled on the following year. Career Accelerator has helped me organise my time which was convenient since I used the same skills in order to organise my A-level studies. I had to manage my newly created LinkedIn network, meetings with my mentor as well as the plethora of other opportunities Career Accelerator had to offer such as potential summer experience.”

Beyonte profile


Beyonte was mentored  by Trudy at Pearson in 2021.

“Not only did I receive guidance and support in achieving my professional goals, but the programme has allowed me to meet like-minded individuals who share similar experiences and challenges, helping me to feel more included and valued.

Being part of this community has given me the opportunity to make new friends and connect with others who understand me, and through my involvement, I feel like I’m making a difference one conversation at a time.

It was incredibly rewarding to feel like I was making a difference by sharing my experiences and helping others, especially when I was given the chance to make an impact on the Alumni Advisory board. No matter how small I loved that I was able to help and contribute to growing the programme and I feel like I’m a part of something good.

Thank you, Career Accelerator, for providing this amazing programme and for helping me to grow both personally and professionally.”

Sam profile


Sam was mentored  by Cormac at VirginMediaO2 in 2022.

“I took part in the mentorship scheme for LGBTQ+ people in my final year of University. At the time, I was struggling to find a place in the world outside of St Andrews and how to market myself in a turbulent job market shaken up by COVID-19.

I lacked confidence as an LGBTQ+ person, with the rise in hate and discrimination which robbed me of much of my joy and pride.

Career Accelerator helped me when I needed it the most, and they could do the same for you. Mayur Gupta and Rebecca Lewis were amazing in making a daunting process feel manageable, enabling me to thrive post-university.

They continue to provide support and guidance even now. Equally, I count myself incredibly lucky they partnered hme up with Cormac Connolly. As a mentor, his patience and insight provided a much-needed voice of reason. I still maintain that without his help in how to tackle case study interviews, I would never have made it as far as I did in my various job applications.”

Tanya profile


Tanya was mentored by Amy at Cisco in 2021.

“I was a Career Accelerator mentee in a work experience program, when I was in year 11. Back then, I wasn’t entirely sure where my career was going, or exactly where I’d see myself working.

The work experience positioned me in a better direction. I realised that I wouldn’t mind having a corporate job as the hours were convenient, and I’d be around people which could teach me things and help me develop as a professional as well as an individual. The work experience also made me realise that I would like to work in the finance sector. I am looking forward to taking place in more Career Accelerator programs.”

Ahmed profile


Ahmed was mentored  by Alex at Sky in 2022.

“I am thrilled to share my overwhelmingly positive experience with the Career Accelerator programme. It’s been nothing short of transformative, both personally and professionally.

My journey began when I was paired with industry-leading mentor, Alex, who expertly guided me through the intricacies of the PR field.

From the outset, Alex, who is the Head of PR for Sky Sports, demonstrated an unwavering commitment to my success. Our discussions covered a broad range of topics, including in-depth analyses of industry trends, effective networking strategies, and best practices in PR specifically tailored for the sports sector. Alex’s wealth of experience and knowledge proved invaluable as he shared practical advice and real-world examples to help me understand and navigate the complex world of PR.

The Career Accelerator programme’s impact on my professional development has been immense. The hands-on guidance and personalised feedback from Alex has enabled me to refine my skills and broaden my perspective. As a result, I have gained a newfound sense of confidence and I am better equipped to excel in my career. Moreover, the programme’s extensive network of professionals has provided me with invaluable connections that I am certain will prove beneficial in the long run.

In addition to the mentorship aspect of the programme, I had the opportunity to contribute to the Youth Advisory Board. This experience allowed me to collaborate with like-minded individuals, share ideas, and gain insights into various industries. I found it truly empowering to be part of a group that focused on addressing the challenges faced by young professionals in today’s rapidly evolving workplace.

My time with the Career Accelerator programme has had a profound and lasting impact on my personal and professional growth. The mentorship from the Head of PR for Sky Sports, the connections made through the programme, and the experience of working with the Youth Advisory Board have all played pivotal roles in shaping my career path. I am immensely grateful for this opportunity and wholeheartedly recommend the Career Accelerator programme to anyone seeking to elevate their career to new heights.”

Joel profile


Joel was mentored  by Max from Virgin Media O2 in 2022.

“I took part in the Career Accelerator LGBTQ+ mentorship programme in spring 2022, after coming across it during the peak of stressing about what life after university would look like.

The ability to have such open and honest conversation with my mentor about this anxiety and uncertainty was incredible, and within months had translated into getting a summer internship at my dream company!

The programme was a key turning point in finding the confidence to take that next step.”


Henry profile


Henry from Vodafone mentored Naushin in 2022.

“Both myself and Naushin got a lot out of the experience. I gained valuable mentoring experience to a younger audience which would be extremely hard to find elsewhere.

My mentee, Naushin, gained knowledge and confidence in herself and the potential field of work she might wish to go into.”

James profile


James from Vodafone mentored Madusan in 2023.

“Mentoring with Career Accelerator has been an enriching and fulfilling experience. My mentee and I discussed a range of different topics, including preparing for interviews, CV writing and exploring different university pathways.

It has been extremely rewarding to see my mentee grow and achieve their goals, particularly helping them in the process of applying for a work experience placement.

The programme has positively impacted my mentee, whose confidence and application has grown tremendously.”

Katie profile


Katie mentored Nawal and Cara in Spring 2023.

“My passion is providing people with opportunity to better themselves. I understand how privileged I am to be in the position I am today and understand not everybody has the same privileges. All it takes is one conversation to inspire someone and I am truly passionate about breaking down the barriers of the corporate world and supporting everyone to believe in themselves and achieve whatever they want.

Mentorship gives people opportunities to learn from someone they would previously not have access to. Not everyone has parents who have corporate jobs, not everyone has teachers who inspire them. Mentorship is another pathway to inspire and share knowledge, which is why I signed up with Career Accelerator.

I found the experience incredibly rewarding and eye opening. It gave me an insight into the challenges students experience today and how as organisations we can support this. The key things we discussed were confidence, planning and how to evaluate their options and choose what they want, not what their parents, teachers or other people want! We all thrive when we are doing things we enjoy!

I hope the impact of the mentorship was that it provided inspiration, more clarity on what they wanted to do and also new tips and strategies on how to approach their work and decisions. I think it’s key for young people to speak to people who have been in their shoes and can talk through their own experiences yet also discuss how to make independent decisions, so they are creating the life they want, not the life others expect of them!’’.

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What our mentees are saying

See all of our video testimonials.


Video Testimonial - Parineeta

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