Empowering young Neurodiverse and Disabled people through our Business Mentoring Programme.

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Pioneering mentorship for young people who are Neurodiverse and Disabled

Career Accelerator runs its business youth mentoring programmes 3 times a year – across Autumn Term (late September-December), Spring Term (late January-April) and Summer Term (late April-July).

In our Neurodiversity and Disability Programme, we partner with community groups, youth organisations, and schools to work with young people who are Neurodiverse or Disabled. Neurodiverse and Disabled mentees can also apply independently to join this programme. Over the course of 3 months, these young people will have mentoring sessions led by business mentors from Career Accelerator’s partner companies to help them prepare for successful careers.

Applications are on a rolling basis and places are allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Everyone who completes this sign up form will be invited to an informal, friendly interview with Rebecca or Jhanay from Career Accelerator. Interviews will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

All your responses in this form are confidential and won’t be shared with anyone else.

If you have any questions about joining the programme feel free to book a call with Career Accelerator’s Youth Programme Officer Jhanay Otto here.

Why our Neurodiversity & Disability Programme exists for young people

Only 52% of disabled people aged 16-64 were in employment.


16% of all pupils in the UK have identified Neurodiverse and Disabled in 2020/21.

Neurodiversity & Disability

Students with Neurodiversity and Disability are three times more likely to be Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET).


Careers advice for young people with Neurodiversity and Disability can often be poor and lacking in aspiration.

DfE (2019)

Our mentees will work towards the following goals:

  • Learn about relevant and aspirational career opportunities in the professional sectors.
  • Make informed decisions about future education, training and employment based on personalised support.
  • Build self-awareness and self-confidence to develop realistic and ambitious career goals.
  • Feel more prepared when applying for education, training or employment opportunities.
  • Develop interpersonal skills by working with professionals currently working in the professional sectors.

How our Neurodiversity & Disability Programme works

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Promotion, application and interviews

We promote the programme to a cohort of young people who will find the programme most relevant and useful. These young people can then choose to complete a Surveymonkey application for the programme to guarantee their place. The information they provide in their application form is then used to match them with a mentor who we think they’ll work well with!
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Kick-Off Workshop

The first one-hour workshop focuses on the benefits of mentoring, the skills needed to be a great mentee and setting goals. This can be delivered virtually or in-person.

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3 1-hour mentoring sessions

Young people have 3 one-hour virtual mentoring sessions with their mentor. We ask for some flexibility with timings so that they can be adjusted to meet mentor and mentee availability.

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Reflection Workshop

The final one-hour workshop encourages young people to consider what they have learned from their mentor, reflect on their own engagement in the sessions, and plan what they will do in the future.

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Alumni Network

All young people will have the opportunity to join our alumni network, or stay in touch with their mentors after the three sessions have finished.

The impact of our programme

Our latest post-programme survey results 2022.


90% of students in schools discussed work experience opportunities with their mentors.


80% of students in school discussed different options after year 11 with their mentor.


70% discussed CVs, cover letters and interviews.

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What our Mentees and Mentors say

I learned new skills, practised good conduct and learned about helping people.




The Tower Project

The program helped me to learn a lot about myself, adapting to a new environment and help to think about what mentoring path I want to take in the future, what areas I’ll still need to improve.




It was useful to look at different roles that they have in different jobs.




The Tower Project

It was a great way to connect with students and was really meaningful for me as I could share my own expertise, knowledge and share experiences with students who found the conversations helpful. It was a good way to give back.




It was great to spend time with young people helping them determine who they are in the world of work.




What our mentees are saying

See all of our video testimonials.


Video Testimonial - Parineeta


Video Testimonial - Mohamed


Video Testimonial - William


Video Testimonial - Tanya


Video Testimonial - Charlotte

What our mentees are saying

See all of our video testimonials.


Video Testimonial - Parineeta

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