Empowering young Neurodivergent and Disabled people through our Business Mentoring Programme.

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Pioneering mentorship for young people who are Neurodivergent and Disabled

Career Accelerator runs its business youth mentoring programmes 3 times a year – across Autumn Term (late September-December), Spring Term (late January-April) and Summer Term (late April-July).

Our programmes support 18-30 year old neurodivergent and disabled people prepare for careers in professional sectors. We arrange 1:1 business mentoring led by neurodivergent or disabled or strong allies at neurodivergent and disabled inclusive companies, such as Centrica, Ocado, Pearson.

In our Neurodiversity and Disability Programme, we work with young people who are Neurodivergent or Disabled. Neurodivergent and Disabled mentees can also apply independently to join this programme. Over the course of 3 months, these young people will have mentoring sessions led by business mentors from Career Accelerator’s partner companies to help them prepare for successful careers.

Applications are on a rolling basis and places are allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Everyone who completes this sign up form will be invited to an informal, friendly interview with Jhanay from Career Accelerator. Interviews will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

All your responses in this form are confidential and won’t be shared with anyone else.

If you have any questions about joining the programme feel free to book a call with Career Accelerator’s Youth Programme Manager Jhanay Otto here.

Why our Neurodiversity & Disability Programme exists for young people

13% of all pupils in the UK are Neurodivergent.


22% of autistic adults are in any kind of employment. 64% of employers still admit to having ‘little’ or ‘no’ understanding of neurodivergent conditions.


Around half of disabled people aged 16 to 64 years in the UK were in employment compared with around 8 in 10 for non-disabled people.


Careers advice for young people with Neurodiversity and Disability can often be poor and lacking in aspiration.

DfE (2019)

Our mentees will work towards the following goals:

  • Learn about relevant and aspirational career opportunities in professional sectors.
  • Make informed decisions about future education, training and employment based on personalised support.
  • Build self-awareness and self-confidence to develop realistic and ambitious career goals.
  • Feel more prepared when applying for education, training or employment opportunities.
  • Develop interpersonal skills by working with professionals currently working in professional sectors.

How our Neurodiversity & Disability Programme works

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Career Accelerator runs Neurodivergent and Disabled business youth mentoring programmes in collaboration with Neurodivergent and Disabled young people aged 18-30 and Neurodivergent and Disabled business mentors and allies.

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We work with cohorts of mentors per quarter and connect Neurodivergent and Disabled business mentors and allies up with bright, hard working Neurodivergent and Disabled young people who would like and value mentoring.

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For mentors we offer a 2 hour training session. For mentees we offer a 1 hour mentee training session where mentees can network with the other Neurodivergent and Disabled mentees.

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Career Accelerator takes care of selecting the Neurodivergent and Disabled mentees, training the mentors and mentees, supporting with session ideas and putting together impact reports, leaving business mentors to focus on the impactful mentoring.

The impact of our programme

Our latest post-programme survey results 2022.


100% of mentees agreed that the Career Accelerator Programme has increased their understanding of neurodivergent and disabled inclusive companies and jobs.


100% of mentees agreed that the Career Accelerator program helped them work towards their career goals.


At the start of the programme, 33% of the mentees felt confident in their ability to prepare for training, employment, or professional development opportunities. At the end of the programme, it was 75%.

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What our Mentees and Mentors say

I couldn’t have asked for more. I had no clue what direction I wanted to go in, or how I was going to pursue it. My mentor was brilliant. She was extremely kind and understanding. It was really helpful that she was managing similar symptoms to me, too. She was approachable, and allowed me to ask questions that I didn’t know who else to ask, as well as thinking about questions I didn’t know I had until I was allowed to have these conversations about my next steps returning to work/ education.




Mentored by Sophie at Trainline

I know what is out there and feel more prepared to find jobs after Uni. I have a sense of direction now. My mentor was nice and was able to help me with what I was worried about like starting to write a CV and understanding job listings. I’m feeling more relaxed about the future.



Mentored by Hollie at Wise

The programme has given me the push I needed. My mentor was extremely kind, open with me and helpful. She really took the time to understand my aspirations and held my hand to plan the steps I would take to get there.




Mentored by Clara at Wise

What our mentees are saying

See all of our video testimonials.

Video Testimonial - Parineeta


Video Testimonial - Mohamed


Video Testimonial - William


Video Testimonial - Tanya


Video Testimonial - Charlotte


What our mentees are saying

See all of our video testimonials.

Video Testimonial - Parineeta


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