Helping students prepare for careers in the digital sector through employer support



We arrange a 3 month employer-led programme providing monthly mentoring sessions – all of which are led by leading digital companies including LinkedIn, Just Eat, Vodafone, Cisco and 02.

We are designed in accordance with the Gatsby Benchmarks and the Teacher Toolkit Framework.

1:1 Personalised Career Mentorship

Students will be assigned a business mentor who works in the digital sector in order to develop ambitious and realistic career goals and make steps to achieve these.

This mentoring help students learn about career opportunities in the digital sector and make informed subject choices for their post-16 and post-18 options. The pupils will also feel more prepared when applying for their post-18 options and build their professional network.


Our goals are that students:

• Learn more about career opportunities in the digital sector.
• Develop realistic and ambitious career goals and make steps to achieve these.
• Feel more prepared for applying to apprenticeship or university places.
• Build their professional network.

What we offer:

• Opportunity to learn from top digital companies from tech start ups to global digital firms including LinkedIn, Just Eat and Vodafone.
• 3 x Mentoring sessions per pupil led by digital experts.
• Our career programme is tailored to the Gatsby Benchmarks.
• Photos and testimonials of students and employers during the programme which can be used for marketing and enrolment purposes.
• Organise whole year group assemblies
• Manage employee training and processing employees’ DBS.

80% of digital employers would hire students on Career Accelerator in the future

100% of students are aware of the next steps they need to take to reach their goals compared to 60% before the programme

100% found the workshops helpful for learning about career opportunities in the digital sector


Students talked to on average 4 employers about university and apprenticeship opportunities compared to 1 before the programme.


1. Recruitment: We promote Career Accelerator to Year 10-13 students in assemblies and recruit 20 students per year group through an application form and interview process.
2. Kick-Off Session: The students have a kick-off session where they learn about the digital economy and how to make the most of Career Accelerator. They receive a student handbook with mentoring session ideas.
3. Monthly Mentoring Sessions: Students will each be assigned a mentor who works in the digital sector in order to develop ambitious and realistic career goals and make steps to achieve these.


“I could communicate with someone experienced and who could give me useful information, as well as insight into the world of business.”

Salma, Year 9 Student, Valetines High School

“My mentor has told me that I don’t have to be what my parents want me to. I should follow my dreams. She told me about jobs in STEM that I am now interested in and these have helped give me a better idea of A Level choices.”

Anika, Year 10 Student, Kingsley Academy

“Career Accelerator gave me valuable life experience and advice, a mentor for support and a more structured approach to the world of work.”

Nanish, Year 12 Student, LAET

How the Career Accelerator programme achieves the Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Career Guidance:

Learning from career and labour market information: Career Accelerator focuses on preparing students for jobs in the modern economy. The employers who deliver the content in our programmes come from industries which are experiencing a growth in job creation and market size; these include: Cyber Security, FinTech (financial technology), HealthTech (health technology), EdTech (education technology), Tech Entrepreneurship, Social Media, Video Gaming, Artificial Intelligence, among others.

Encounters with employers and employees: The sessions are designed to demystify what it’s like working in different areas of the modern economy. Career Accelerator is delivered by digital employers who have experience in their respective sectors.

Addressing the needs of each pupil: Career Accelerator provides the students with personalised mentorship led by employees working in the digital sector, who they collaborate with to identify their career interests, build realistic and ambitious career goals and make steps to achieve these.

Personal Guidance: Students will receive personal guidance to do with career planning during the mentoring sessions. The purpose of the mentoring is to help students reflect on their interests and strengths, learn about career planning and goal setting and develop realistic goals and a plan of action to achieve these.