Empowering 18-30 year old LGBT+ young people for successful careers through LGBT+ business mentoring.

Vodafone and Out Now found that 41% of 18-25 year olds have gone ‘back into the closet’ within their first year of employment for fear of discrimination. 

Stonewall’s research highlighted that LGBT+ people are not receiving careers guidance about careers and workplaces that are LGBT+ inclusive.

Stonewall has highlighted that an LGBT+ person’s assumptions about how safe or inclusive a workplace is will significant narrow the career paths they will consider.


PWC has found that 78% of LGBT+ people and their friends, family and relatives would switch to brands that are known to be LGBT+ friendly.

How the programme works:

  • Career Accelerator runs LGBT+ business youth mentoring programmes in collaboration with LGBT+ young people aged 18-25 and LGBT+ business mentors and allies.
  • We work with cohorts of 5 mentors per quarter and connect LGBT+ business mentors and allies up with bright, hard working LGBT+ young people who would like and value mentoring.
  • The programme comprises of 1 hour training and 3×1 hour mentoring sessions over 3 months.
  • Career Accelerator takes care of selecting the LGBT+ mentees, training the mentors and mentees, supporting with session ideas and putting together impact reports, leaving business mentors to focus on the impactful mentoring.

The aims of the mentoring for the LGBT+ mentees:

  • Learn about LGBT+ inclusive jobs in the modern economy.
  • Develop ambitious, realistic career goals and make steps to achieve these.
  • Build their LGBT+ professional network.
  • Build confidence and appreciate their value as LGBT+ youth.
  • Navigate being a young LGBT+ person finding employment and staying in it.

LGBT+ business youth mentoring opportunity

Career Accelerator runs LGBT+ business youth mentoring programmes 3 times a year – across Autumn Term (September-December), Spring Term (January-April) and Summer Term (May-July). 

Our programmes, in collaboration with PinkNews Futures and National Student Pride support 18-30 year old LGBT+ people prepare for careers in the modern economy. We do this through arranging 1:1 business mentoring led by LGBT+ mentors and allies at LGBT+ inclusive companies, such as Microsoft, Snapchat, Vodafone, Pearson and GoCardless over 3 months.

We will let you know when we are recruiting for our next cohort.

If you have any questions about joining the programme feel free to get in touch with Career Accelerator CEO Mayur at mayur@careeraccelerator.io.

LGBT+ Mentee Feedback


Of the mentees said the mentoring has been useful in learning about LGBT+ inclusive jobs and companies.


Of the mentees found the mentoring useful in making ambitious and realistic career goals and steps to achieve these.


Of the mentees said being part of the programme has helped them build their LGBT+ professional network with LGBT+ mentors and mentees.


Of the mentees found the programme useful for building their confidence as LGBT+ young professionals.


Of mentees would recommend the Career Accelerator LGBT+ mentoring programme to their friends.

What did the Mentee’s say?

“The mentoring has been super useful. A lot of the mentoring was about things such as CVs and interviews, but having someone who’s also part of the LGBT+ community made the process enjoyable and easy-going

“It was very beneficial to me as I got to speak to someone who understood me and my needs. My mentor was very supportive and kind as well as informative”

“It was definitely a step in the right direction being connected to those who are LGBT+ and already in professional jobs. It allowed me to network with people I wouldn’t necessarily have met without being on the programme”

LGBT+ Business Mentor and Ally Feedback


Of employees found acting as a mentor a meaningful volunteering opportunity for them.


Of employees found acting as a mentor useful for their professional development.


Of mentors found being involved as a mentor on this programme has had a positive impact on their experience working at their company.


Of employees would recommend being a mentor on this programme to a colleague.


Of the mentors are still in touch with their mentees after finishing the programme.

What did the Mentor’s say?

“I think for me this was incredibly valuable because I know there are often social or economic factors – as well as possible bias and discrimination – which come into play for LGBT+ people, which may hinder the opportunities available to them

“I’ve been able to work with people I wouldn’t normally work with and connect on topics and experiences I wouldn’t normally discuss with colleagues”

“It was good to be able to share some personal experiences with my mentee and impart advice that she took on board and led to her securing a job”

“It’s really made me stop and think about how we support young people starting in our organisation and what we should be doing for them. It made me realise how much easier it is for young people to be out at work from the get go. But it also made me think about what support young people need when joining a company”