Providing meaningful training opportunities to employees and supporting digital companies to become attractive places for underrepresented groups to work



“By providing the right career support to make informed choices about their futures, Career Accelerator helps young people currently under-represented within the technology sector to prepare for success.”

“By delivering the workshop as a group and working collaboratively this was an opportunity to continue developing teamwork schools outside of our normal project environments.”


The digital sector is creating jobs 2x as fast as the non-digital sector (Nesta, 2018) however female and BAME students from low income backgrounds aren’t always encouraged to seize these opportunities. This contributes to a lack of diversity in the technology sector, where 60% of technical roles are filled by white people, but only 19% are filled by women and 1-2% black people (British Computer Society, 2017).

This problem usually starts at school where the overall proportion of girls doing STEM subjects drops off at A Level, with lower numbers of females compared to males being entered for all STEM subjects, except Biology (Wise, 2014). BAME students represent 19% of students studying STEM subject at University however out of these groups, Black Other (non-African and Caribbean) and Bangladeshi students only made up 2% and 3% respectively (Business in the Community, 2011).

Career Accelerator helps address this problem by working with forward thinking digital firms to support 13-17 year old students make informed post-18 choices and prepare for careers in the digital sector. By working with us you will be contributing to growing the pool of eligible STEM talent in the UK to go into digital related apprenticeships and universities and eventually work in the digital sector.


  • Recruitment: 88% of young people in employment
    were inclined to work for businesses with prominent
    CSR programmes
  • Employee Satisfaction: Employees who volunteer
    during work time report being more loyal and committed
    to their company
  • Training: 85% of businesses find volunteering advances talent as part of their learning and development strategy
  • Employee Wellbeing: Employees who have volunteered with their company are 13% happier than those who have not
  • Employee Productivity: Being happy made people 12% more productive

Partner with Us

Partner with us to have Career Accelerator run its training programme for your employees from June 2019-July 2020.

We supply all employees with an Enhanced DBS and provide training to ensure they are confident and engaging communicators to students.

Students are particularly chosen because of their interest in technology, as well as their passion and ability.


We encourage businesses to put forward 10-20 employees to make the most of this employee opportunity. Career Accelerator provides the following to partner businesses. 

  • Employees take part in 3 x 2 hour employer mentoring sessions over 3 months.
  • 1.5 hour employee training and onboarding.
  • Employer pack and support preparing each session.
  • Providing Enhanced DBS ended to work with young people under 18.
  • Selecting 20 high ability students for employees to work with.
  • Arranging sessions at the business and taking the students to and from the sessions.
  • Supporting with arranging catch up mentoring sessions.
  • Providing recommendations to Mentors and company.
  • Taking photos and collecting feedback and sharing this with Mentors for professional development and branding purposes.
  • Support arranging work experience for mentors and their mentees, including taking their students to and from the offices everyday and sorting out consent forms.
  • Founder and CEO Mayur as the main point of contact to support the Mentors throughout the programme.

Employee Feedback


Found running a workshop useful to their own professional development


Feel more positive towards their employer


Were very satisfied working with Career Accelerator


Would hire some of these students in the future


Found Career Accelerator a helpful way of promoting their brand to students

What Did the Employers Say?

“We were all super energised after running a a Career Accelerator workshop. For us, the key takeaway was leadership, as we got a chance to be role models and to inspire a group.”
Peter, Nested

“By delivering the workshop as a group and working collaboratively this was an opportunity to continue developing teamwork schools outside of our normal project environments.”
Amal, Just Eat

“It’s great CSR for the company”
Hannah, Nested

“Thank you very much for this initiative. It is an honour to be able to participate in this programme”
Andy, UBS

What Our Companies Say

“For me, it was personally fulfilling to be able to meet students from the area I grew up in and provide them with an opportunity that I didn’t really have.”

Ismail, Product Manager, Just Eat

“I have been working with Rasel and I invited him over to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office a few weeks ago to have a look around. I’m helping him with his personal statement at the moment. He’s a bright guy.”

Tariq, HR Partner, Foreign & Commonwealth Office

“The overall experience was inspiring, rewarding and challenging”

Angela, PPC Analyst, ForwardPMX