Career Accelerator helps students reach their career potential and businesses source future talent for their companies.


Benefits for students

Students who take part in the Career Accelerator programme benefit from

  • Learning more about career opportunities in the digital sector.
  • Enhancing their university and apprenticeship prospects.
  • Building their professional network of employers.
  • Developing important soft skills and digital skills.
  • Improving their knowledge about the digital sector.

Half of bullied LGBT pupils (52 per cent) feel that homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying has had a negative effect on their plans for future education’ (Feel free to condense if you want

100% found the workshops helpful for learning about career opportunities in the digital sector

100% of students are aware of the next steps they need to take to reach their goals compared to 60% before the programme

“Career Accelerator has been hugely useful in helping me find out about the numerous digital opportunities that I can get involved with and helped me secure my work placement in tech.”

Sara, Year 12 student at Globe Academy

“I didn’t think that I would be interested in coding but because of the way Sam showed it to me I found it really interesting and would like to learn more.”

Nabil, Year 12 Student at Globe Academy

“My favourite things about Career Accelerator have been visiting different companies, learning about jobs in the digital sector and building my professional network.”

Serigne, Year 12 student at Globe Academy

Benefits for digital firms

Digital firms who take part in the Career Accelerator programme benefit from

  • Promoting career opportunities at their companies to prospective applicants.
  • Building students’ skill set and developing eligible candidates for apprenticeship roles.
  • Enhancing the staff development of employees who are involved in the programme.
  • Enhancing their reputation as a socially conscious employer through schools’ networks.
  • Working with top performing students from under-represented backgrounds in the tech sector.

45% of young people are bullied for being LGBT+ at school with the figure rising to 64% for transgender young people

80% of digital employers would hire students on Career Accelerator in the future

91% of employees found acting as a mentor helpful for their own professional development

“I felt that this experience helped me to further develop my presentation and communication skills. It was also helpful to learn how to plan an event like this to meet the participants’ expectations and ensure the session is useful for everyone.”

Ekaterina, Uber

“This opportunity helped with building my listening and communication skills. To focus and understand what is best for the mentees, I needed to understand what works and does not work for them.”

Charu, Vodafone

“I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this program. Career Accelerator did a fantastic job of bringing it all together…the students were incredible – ambitious, driven and willing to learn. A real pleasure to work with. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Audrey, LinkedIn